Workshop 1

This workshop is an introductory one.  It covers a lot of material to get everyone on the same page.  If you are very experienced with the Arduino, you can skip this and be okay.  I recommend that you watch it full screen in HD if possible. It covers:

  • Ohm's Law
  • LED's and diodes
  • Key electrical concepts
  • Arduino layout, programming, and basic I/O
  • Breadboard layout

Workshop 2

This workshop will cover voltage divider circuits, serial commands, and user interactivity.  Here we make a Pirate Security System (ARR MATEY!) and a homemade keypad.

Workshop 3

In this workshop, we will cover the different types of motors, solenoids, and go over digital servo control.  We will be making a Math Racers game that helps kids to work on math problems.  The video should be up soon.